We know that resetting your device sometimes is necessary. If you need to reset your device, you have to press a button inside the box on the extension board for 1 second and for restoring to factory defaults hold the reset button for 5 seconds. After your Pixout Controller is rebooted, you may enjoy factory settings. Please pay attention on GPIO triggering changes as well. You shout use instead of pin ‘7’ another pin, for example pin ‘0’ because pin ‘7’ will be used internally for reset functionality.


  • Reset button support
  • Restore to factory defaults button support
  • GPIO Triggering changes in pins. Pin ‘7’ used internally for the reset button please use for your needs another pin, for example, ‘0’. Pin ‘0’ should be polled with 3.3V unlike GND as usual.

Packages and versions

  • PXCLIENT – 1.1.11
  • PXINPUT – 1.3.5a
  • PXSERVER – 1.4.2a

We will keep you posted on whatever new releases we have.
I hope you enjoy your Pixout Controller device!
Pixout team


Outdoor LED lighting/video controller for ArtNet DMX recording and playback. Up to 255 universes.

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