In this update, we’ve enhanced the scheduler with the ability to repeat events by specific months and made it more flexible by allowing events to fire within set time ranges. We’ve also upgraded the MIDI functionality to offer a toggle option instead of just playing. On the fix side, importing now supports larger files up to 200MB, pxinput has been restored to a working state, and there are minor improvements to the default factory restore. Additionally, we’ve resolved an issue where scheduled jobs could interfere with other non-multiplay cueslists.


  1. Added functionality to repeat scheduler events by specific month(s)
  2. The scheduler now fires events within the specified time range
  3. MIDI can now be toggled instead of simply played
  4. Improved importing, now supports files up to 200MB
  5. Fixed pxinput, returned to the working state
  6. Minor fixes to default factory restore
  7. Fixed issue where scheduled job failed to stop other non-multiplay cueslists
Repeat scheduler events by specific month(s)

Packages versions

  • pxinput 1.0.10
  • pxserver 2.0.49
  • rootfs-update 1.0.1
  • pxclient 2.2.7
  • lc 1.1.4

Pixout Team


Outdoor LED lighting/video controller for ArtNet DMX recording and playback. Up to 64 universes.

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