In the process of constant improvements, we came up to one of the best versions of Pixout Recorder hardware. From now on, every Recorder will have two major components:

1. Сore Board
2. Pixout Extension board.

The Core Board is based on Raspberry PI, and the extension board is quite self-explanatory. Yet we want to stress that it will allow extending Raspberry PI features. No limits on features anymore.

The extension board has a built-in power supply from 12 to 24 Volts, a LED-indicator of power and a reset button. We know that resetting your device sometimes is necessary. If you need to reset your device, you have to press and hold the reset button on the extension board for 5 seconds. After your Pixout Controller is rebooted, you may enjoy factory settings.

Sometimes you might want to brutally reset your device. It won’t be super easy, because you have to push the button which is secured inside the controller’s case. Once you unscrew four screws, nothing will stop you from resetting the device.


Important to know. Single click will reset the hardware and long-hold the button will reset your device to factory settings.
We will continue working on a hardware part and bring on board extension boards that are more powerful. Stay tuned for updates!

Your software should be updated for this feature support. 

Inspirationally yours,
Dmitry Klepikov
Pixout CEO



Outdoor LED lighting/video controller for ArtNet DMX recording and playback. Up to 64 universes.

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