Discover the Power of Raspberry Pi for Pixout Architectural Lighting Hardware Solutions

At Pixout, we have selected Raspberry Pi as the hardware platform for our lighting control solutions

In our search for a reliable and flexible hardware platform for our architectural lighting products, we chose Raspberry Pi for a number of reasons. The small form factor, low power consumption, and low cost make it an ideal choice for distributed installations. Additionally, the flexibility of the software allows for easy integration with other tools […]

2022 year Summary and plans for Next one

Before the sound of Jingle Bells strikes hard, let us say something. This year, as a whole lots of other companies, faced global challenges, yet we continued to think two steps ahead to develop Pixout products and services to make them better. Here is the list of important things we’ve worked on this year, and which […]

Raspberry 3B+ support – Dec 23, 2022

It’s finally here! Despite a semiconductor crisis, which caused us all a lot of pain, we now offer you an operating solution. All Pixout products now support Raspberry Pi 3B+. Well, it may sound like a must-have, but we are going to push it further. Next year we will ensure support for Raspberry Pi 4 […]

Critical Software Update – February 01, 2022

Thanks to you, our customers, we have discovered a timing issue in the Pixout recorder. It turned out Pixout recorder played Art-Net data a little bit faster than original data. Probably you haven’t even noticed it. This wasn’t an easy task to crack, yet we tried hard, checking every single data packet to resolve this […]

Your Pixout software ver2 upgrade is here. We bet you want to know what’s inside!

Last year was quite hectic here at Pixout, as we were working continuously to improve the Pixout controller’s software despite COVID lockdown in the lighting industry. That is why today we are happy to announce the end of an era of the Pixout 1.x version, which was there for us from 2015 to 2020. Now […]