Pixout Controller

Outdoor LED lighting/video controller for ArtNet DMX recording and playback

Easiest way to grab ArtNet DMX cues. Surprisingly small size. Surprisingly cost-effective.

What’s under the hood:

  • Up to 255 ArtNet universes
  • Standalone controller
  • Outdoor friendly – IP65
  • SD card for cues storage
  • Plays your cues at any time
  • Organizes your cues in lists
  • Remote control
  • DIY/OEM version
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Pixout Lighting services

What our clients say

Lighting Designer

Pixout is a very stable and cost effective way to repeat artnet data with a simple user interface. Great customer support, I highly recommend!

Dylan Toogood / DFX Sound Vision

LED Equipment for studies

We are happy to have found an easy-to-use solution for playing back ArtNet-cues that satisfies the needs of a lighting technician but can be controlled by anybody – and all that without the need for a huge lighting desk or bulky PC. Besides the small form-factor, that can be hidden nearly anywhere, the vastly available triggering options as well as the versatile mapping of universes and IP-addresses come in really handy.

Oliver Schonefeld / LED-Studien

Showrooms, museums and conference rooms

I do think you have a nice product here with some interesting potential, and I hope my feedback can help in to improving the functionality of the product.

Birgit Lorch / ICT AG

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