Pixout ArtNet Recorder

Outdoor LED lighting/video controller for ArtNet DMX recording and playback

Easiest way to grab ArtNet DMX cues. Surprisingly small size. Surprisingly cost-effective.

What’s under the hood:

  • Up to 64 ArtNet universes
  • Standalone controller
  • Outdoor friendly – IP65
  • SD card for cues storage
  • Plays your cues at any time
  • Organizes your cues in lists
  • Remote control
  • DIY/OEM version
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Convert video HDMI data into ArtNet DMX

Easiest way to import, grab pixel mapping from any third party software and make digital video to ArtNet DMX conversion.

What’s under the hood:

  • HDMI-in: 1600×1200 60Hz
  • Ethernet-out: 128 ArtNet DMX universes per device
  • Standalone rack mount 1u box with LCD screen
  • Realtime 2 core ARM A9/Xilinx Zynq
  • One video frame delay processing time
  • 8bit RGB/RGBW modes and conversion
  • Web software for setup, pixel mapping grabbing/importing
  • Unicast/Broadcast transmission
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Pixout Lighting services

What our clients say

Lighting Designer

Pixout is a very stable and cost effective way to repeat artnet data with a simple user interface. Great customer support, I highly recommend!

Dylan Toogood / DFX Sound Vision

LED Equipment for studies

We are happy to have found an easy-to-use solution for playing back ArtNet-cues that satisfies the needs of a lighting technician but can be controlled by anybody – and all that without the need for a huge lighting desk or bulky PC. Besides the small form-factor, that can be hidden nearly anywhere, the vastly available triggering options as well as the versatile mapping of universes and IP-addresses come in really handy.

Oliver Schonefeld / LED-Studien

Showrooms, museums and conference rooms

I do think you have a nice product here with some interesting potential, and I hope my feedback can help in to improving the functionality of the product.

Birgit Lorch / ICT AG

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