Thanks to you, our customers, we have discovered a timing issue in the Pixout recorder. It turned out Pixout recorder played Art-Net data a little bit faster than original data. Probably you haven’t even noticed it. This wasn’t an easy task to crack, yet we tried hard, checking every single data packet to resolve this issue. Our goal was to be as close as possible to the original data timing recorded and replayed by ArtNet. Now, this critical issue is solved for Version2 only of the Pixout software:

The fix we made will start working only after you update your software packages and re-record all the cues. All the “old” cues, which were recorded with the previous software version, won’t change due to backward compatibility.

Affected products

  • Pixout ArtNet Recorder


  • Timing issue

Packages and versions

  • PXGRABBER – 1.4.0

We apologize sincerely for this critical issue and all the heartache it may cause you while working with Pixout recorder previously. As they say, he who does nothing makes no mistakes. As an excuse, we offer every customer who has Version1 a free upgrade to the Pixout Version2, so that you can enjoy a new version of our software with bug fixes and cool features. Should you have any questions regarding timing issue or free upgrade, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We will keep you posted on whatever new releases we have.
I hope you enjoy your Pixout ArtNet Recorder device!
Pixout team


Outdoor LED lighting/video controller for ArtNet DMX recording and playback. Up to 64 universes.

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