A lot of new features are available as: cues duplication, moving between groups, drag&drop for cues order, wireless reset, and group edit. More details following

Affected products

  • Pixout ArtNet Recorder
  • Pixout HDMI ArtNet Converter

Improvements for the Recorder

  • Cues duplication. You can duplicate the cue in each group by pressing the ‘Duplicate’ button in front of the cue.

  • Cues order change (Drag & Drop). Drag cue by mouse and change its play order.

  • Moving between groups (aka cue group). After duplicating you can select the needed number of cues and move them into another group.

  • Group edit. By pressing ‘Edit’ button in front of the group, you can get a dialog window where group image and name can be specified at once

  • Wireless reset. By pressing this button, you can reset the SSID/PSK of your device to the default one.


Fixed Issues in Admin Panel:

  • Nodes  → Manual node with empty fields should not be saved.

  • Network → Wireless configuration → Not allow to save wireless settings if SSID is not specified

  • Network → Static → Not allow to setup any mask
  • License → Offline → More user-friendly error message in case of incorrect offline key

  • License → Double license dialog show

  • ‘Send report’ button spinner hides after pressing

  • Group → Cue → Show message when filtering is changed

  • Synchronization between User and Admin panels. When something is changed in one panel, it has to be synced in another one.

  • System Tools → Time→ Timezone syncs with the computer.

  • Technical issues, migrating to typescript

Fixed issues in User Panel:

  • Groups in User Panel stacked incorrectly on mobile phone (Apple 6s)

Improvements for the Converter

  • Internal improvements
  • Firmware update
    • ArtNet data sent from the correct port
    • ArtNet Protocol version has the correct number

Packages and versions for the Recorder

  • 1.7.31 artnet_player
  • 1.0.4 data-demo
  • 0.0.12 firmware-update
  • 1.4.1 pxgrabber
  • 2.0.41 pxserver
  • 2.2.5 pxclient

*OEM customers will get the same versions but with branded name in the package name 

Packages and versions for the Converter

  • 0.0.5 vc-fw
  • 2.2.5 vc-pixout_ui

We will keep you posted on whatever new releases we have.
I hope you enjoy our products!
Pixout team


Outdoor LED lighting/video controller for ArtNet DMX recording and playback. Up to 64 universes.

Check specification

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