The following article will describe how to grab ArtNet DMX data from MagicQ software/lighting-desk to Pixout ArtNet DMX recorder

Let’s setup your MagicQ

Please setup the correct Network IP address for your PC, it should be in the same network as the Pixout ArtNet DMX recorder (e.g for MagicQ, while the recorder sits on by default).

Also, you need to setup Art-Net type:

  • Normal – means broadcast
Picture1: MagicQ Network setup

Broadcast from MagicQ to Pixout ArtNet DMX recorder

Now, You can send ArtNet DMX from MagicQ to Pixout ArtNet DMX recorder by broadcast.
You need to enable the first ArtNet universe and its data will be broadcasted to IP, so you can receive it in the recorder.
You can read about how to start grabbing in the Pixout User Manual Chaper: “6.2.2. CUELIST” article:  “Recording a cue”.
Picture2: MagicQ ArtNet DMX output universes setup

Unicast from MagicQ to Pixout ArtNet recorder

Broadcast mode is usable for 32 or fewer ArtNet universes but in the case of using the 64 universe version of Pixout ArtNet DMX recorder, it’s better to start using unicast mode for ArtNet grabbing.

To setup MagicQ in Unicast you need to make the following:

Change ArtNet type as described on Picture1

  • V4 Unicast only– means unicast

Then you have to find the recorder in the following window to be sure that MagicQ enumerates Pixout ArtNet DMX recorder correctly


Picture3: MagicQ ArtNet nodes view

Now, All enabled ArtNet DMX universes will be transferred directly to Pixout ArtNet DMX recorder by unicast. Please keep in mind that in a current example was used 64 universe version of the recorder and this means that a maximum of 64 ArtNet DMX universes will be automatically mapped and sent by unicast and all other universes will be ignored.

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Outdoor LED lighting/video controller for ArtNet DMX recording and playback. Up to 64 universes.

Check specification