Pixout controller. Features



ArtNet DMX recorder/playback
Up to 64 ArtNet universes
Cues Import/Export
Brightness change
Speed change
Cues Import/Export
Cues grouping
60 min and longer cue support
Cues grouping possibility
Multiple cuelists replay at once
Broadcast mode


Unicast mode ArtPoll/Manual
Software automatic update
Transition between cues on playback
Time scheduler
Triggering by ArtTrigger
Triggering by ArtNet DMX
Triggering by GPIO
Triggering by MIDI
Triggering by UDP
HTTP REST API for 3rd integration
Restore to default settings



User/Admin web panels
iOS & Android client
Universes amount upgrade
Waterproof IP65
Standalone device
DIY version

iOS & Android



Select cuelist for playback
Brightness change
Speed change



Cues grouping
Access the controller from local network
Access the controller from global network



Black out
Auto launch app on startup
Work in launcher mode

– available    – coming soon     – available on request    – not available

ArtNet DMX recording: Estimated record time

Pixout controller can create unlimited amount of cues and cue lists. We would say that the sky is the limit, but actually your SD flash memory size is the limit. So you can use Pixout controller to record up to 8Gb of cues and cue lists. This amount might be increased by demand. However, we have limitation per one recorded cue. Maximum recorded length for one cue for 64 universes (30fps) is 15 minutes. If your cue is longer than 15 minutes, please split it into two or more pieces.


You can trigger Pixout controller with following methods:

  • Time scheduler
  • ArtNet, GPIO trigger
  • Pixout REST API ( HTTP, TCP/IP )
  • Web panel – simple for users and advanced for admins
  • iOS/Android application

We can adopt our software to UDP triggering in short term.

Restore to default settings

If something goes wrong (and it happens every now and then, uh?), you can restore your Pixout controller to default settings. In this case all your changes will be discarded and device will get back to factory settings.

Controller setup and API example

Check out our documentation to get a full understanding of Pixout Controller endless possibilities.


Artnet DMX recording: broadcast / unicast

ArtNet DMX recorder allows to grab dynamic effects from software or media server hardware sent by broadcast/unicast and record it on the Pixout Controller SD flash. Recorded effects will be stored in cues.