How can I pay for your products?

At the moment we accept PayPal only. We are currently working on accepting credit card payments, so stay tuned.

What shipping types are available?

  1. Standard internal shipping
  2. Express Shipping (TNT, DHL, UPS)

Free standard shipping is available for selected items, e.g. Pixout Controller 32 universes, Pixout Controller 64 universes, Pixout Software package.

Is VAT included in price?

VAT is not included in the price since most of our client are companies.

If you’e thinking about buying for yourself, please drop us a line, we’ll sort out a a final price for you.


Is there a Windows based software available?

Our software is web-based so, you can use it with any modern browser on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and even on iOS devices (through the special application). You can control Pixout controller from the web admin panel and make ArtNet recording as well.

How to make a feature request for future software versions?

You can send us an email or add feature request to our Trello board. We monitor these two more frequently that we should, honestly.

Can Pixout controller accept ArtNet data from my controller (GrandMA3/MADRIX)?

Yes, if your controller supports Art-Net output. Pixout ArtNet recorder supports broadcast/unicast ArtNet recording from 3rd software (listed below) or lighting desk.

  • GrandMA (2/3)
  • Madrix
  • Mad Mapper
  • Enttec LED Mapper
  • Magic Q
  • Resolume Arena
  • ArKaos
  • … and others

Can I buy a Pixout controller to output ArtNet only?

Yes, default configuration works with ArtNet.

Can I buy a Pixout Controller to output WS2812b led strips? I need at least 4 universes of control. Is there a wireless control via WiFi or Bluetooth?

Sending ArtNet directly from the Pixout controller to the ws2812b strip by SPI protocol not available yet. Our device supports SPI interface and potentially could work with ws281x strips, but this feature is not ready for production yet. Nevertheless, you can use ArtNet to ws281x converters for this purpose.

Do you have a Bonjour support for Windows?

Yes. Bonjour, also known as zero-configuration networking, enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks using industry standard IP protocols. It is a key component of Apple applications (e.g., iTunes, iPhoto), services (e.g., MobileMe) and devices (e.g., Apple TV, and AirPort). Developers can easily leverage Bonjour from both OS X and iOS

Bonjour Version 3 is Compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows 8

Bonjour        32bit 64bit

Bonjour          32bit 64bit