Specialty lighting technicians who provide stage design, visual art, and live performance (led) lightning services are forced to deal with bulky equipment, complicated and time-consuming control systems, and inconvenient software interfaces. Lighting integrators don’t have their own white-labeled, easy to enhance software platform for projects.


Pixout solution is developed by industry experts for both novice and tech-savvy lighting designers and integrators, willing to unlock their creative potential and make the production process hassle-free and affordable.
Pixout is a handy all-in-one platform hardware and software for entertainment and architectural lighting applications that records, stores, schedules, merges, splits, triggers, playback LED lighting shows and integrates with 3rd professional lighting software. Platform could be easily adapted to customer business needs.

Platform components

  • ArtNet DMX recording and playback
  • HDMI to ArtNet DMX converter enabling effortless pixel mapping from any third-party software and digital video conversion to ArtNet DMX.
  • Apple/Android remote control app allowing integrators to interact with Pixout controller via Wi-Fi quickly and conveniently
  • Cloud base service. SaaS
  • Rent service. SaaS
  • License service
  • Software Auto-update service
  • ArtNet DMX Merge service

Use cases

Bowling in The Netherlands

The Platform inside Pixout ArtNet recorder is used for bowling lighting (Masking, Disco, Individual Lane, …) The recorder is controlled by 3rd control panel.

Christmas city of Neuchâtel 2019

Architecture lighting on Christmas. The Platform inside the Pixout ArtNet recorder product is used to provide nice animation for the promenade street.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015

Behati Prinsloo walking down the runway wearing LED fireworks costume with  Pixout ArtNet recorder on the back. More about Pixout Wearable