What’s under the hood

We are not living in a black&white world where you have only two possibilities to start on the market: either you are an original manufacturer or you buy from the original manufacturer to use or resell.  

There is another possibility to enter the market fast even not having your own cost-demanding R&D department and production facilities. You can choose a private labelling or own brand label or white label. You as an organization can place your own label/brand name and name and address on a device that you have not designed and do not manufacture. 

Pixout offers to try out so called virtual manufacturing and enjoy a ready-made product with your own brand name. When the private labelling service might be of a great help for you:

 you have an established brand and you want to stand out from the crowd using your own brand name;

you are new to the market, and you want to grow your brand fast;

you want all of your lightning equipment to carry your brand name;

you are not ready to invest actively in R&D;

you want to enjoy benefits of outsourced support service.

How does private labelling work?

Imagine you want to install your lightning equipment in various places like bars, fitness clubs, bowling, cinemas or others. You make a request to Pixout for a private label service, which includes:  

branded device of your choice; 

branded device’s box; 

branded images with your logo;

branded Admin/User Web panel;

own dedicated URL for Admin panel – http://yourbrandname.local;

no Pixout branding inside the software excluding PX acronym;

branded documentation;

automated software updates;

1 year of Pixout premium support – we will answer your request within 3 hours.

Your brand label

branded device’s box 

 branded images with your logo

 branded Admin/User Web panel

Service price
3000 EUR

For additional fee, you will get all your equipment packed and branded with your own label. Just send us your logo and brandbook if any and we will provide all the packaging with your brand name on. You do the design, and we do the rest.

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